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Whole Self Healing for Santa Fe, NM

Body, Mind, Psyche, Spirit … all different aspects of self, all important to bring into balance and healing so we can live our lives in the ways we wish to. Too often the tendency in the therapeutic world is to compartmentalize parts of self rather than look at the whole, a rather lop-sided approach with only partial results.
Do you sometimes wonder why it can be so hard to change the way you think, feel, and act in certain situations, even though you “know better”? Even though you've been in therapy, or read lots of books, or gone to seminars? Unfortunately, most therapy only engages the mind, and cannot access or change the deeper patterns, beliefs and programs that underlie how we are in relationships and other challenging areas of our lives.
Couple Counseling - Trauma Healing in Santa Fe, NM
Mind-Body Integrative work allows us to dive deep to access the wisdom of the deeper psyche … and to effectively shift the old programs running the show and in the process, heal old wounding. These old programs are our “default”, rearing their ugly head in challenging or triggering situations.
Working with the whole self is always the focus, regardless of whether someone comes in for counseling, relational issues, trauma release, or specialized bodywork.

The goal is always to help you create a greater sense of wellbeing – free from the old non-functional patterns of behavior and emotional response negatively impacting your sense of self and relationship with others.
Whole self-healing targets trauma of all kinds, and old relational dynamics that keep showing up in everyday life. Learning how to release these trauma-based reactions and old patterning helps you break free of the blocks that keep you from living your full potential.

So much of what we consider to be dysfunctional behavior has its roots in trauma and overwhelming stress. Restoring resiliency, balance and ease to the nervous system and the body-mind system as a whole is always the focus.

Healing from the inside-out changes your “default”, and ensures enduring core-level change in your life and relationships.

Learn to feel good about yourself – not just when things are going well, but no matter what is happening in your life.

Old stuck patterns also show up physically, causing chronic pain, tension, strain, imbalance and fatigue, as well as lowered levels of functioning and vitality in general.

Through a variety of tools and modalities these issues are also addressed. While each client is uniquely different in his or her needs, all modalities and approaches address both chronic and acute body issues caused through stress, injury, accident, medical trauma, or emotional blocks. Increasing energy and vitality, inside and out, is also an important focus of this work.
For those clients seen in-office, Bio-field Analysis is also offered on request. This work utilizes special cutting edge medical-grade technology developed in Russia. Known as the GDV-EPI system, this technology is used in hospitals and clinics throughout Russia and Europe.

This system allows us to capture a person's underlying energy field blueprint from 3 different lenses: physical, psycho-emotional, and psycho-spiritual. Analysis of this field reveals deep underlying issues, and yields deep insight into the ways in which our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs affect and impact our physical health. www.gdvsouthwest.com

Homeopathic, flower essence, and nutritional support are also offered when appropriate or requested.
If you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

More information is also available at www.insideouthealing.com.